a medieval sicilian
 town house

Sicilian town house for sale

This is a beautiful medieval ‘blank canvas’ three bedroom town house situated just off the main piazza in Caltabellotta, just north of Sciacca. The outside of the house has recently had extensive renovation work conducted; replacement and repairs to the roof, the outside brick work repaired and restored and windows hand made and installed, thereby ensuring the house is fully weather proof.

It has a separate studio flat equipped with a basic bathroom and kitchen. There is also a separate cellar room which has not been renovated. This can be connected to the main house whereas the studio flat cannot.

We were the first foreigners to buy here and were met with bemused curiosity as the local villagers were flattered that foreigners thought their village was as beautiful as they did. Since, more foreigners and other Italians have also bought in Caltabellotta. Caltabellotta is the perfect antidote for those wishing to buy a place in the sun with a low key pace of life rich in Sicilian culture.

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Caltabellotta from the Chiesa della Madrice

Caltabellotta is a medieval town situated high on mount Kratas on the south western coast of Sicily…

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